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Shikanji Nimbu Pani Mix

₹ 307.14

₹ 449


 Main Ingrédients – Sugar, Salt, Lemon Powder, Cummin, Black Pepper,Spices & Condiments etc.

•  About Product – Shikanji/Nimbu Pani Mix is a powder made from finestingredients that can be easily reconstituted by the end consumer withcold water turning it into a delicious summer drink.

•   It makes the refreshing, tasty & flavoured lemon water to delight yourbody and soul.

•  You will get sweet, salty, sour, spicy & tastier lemon drink with thisshikanji or nimbu pani mix.

•   Applications/Uses with – 10 gm (one table spoon) rose sweet lassi mixpowder churn (2 min only) into high speed mixy/grinder with 100 ml ofcold water & served with garnishing of mint leaves with slice of lemon.

•   Shelf Life – 6 Months. After opening keep it in air tight container.  

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