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Mustard Sauce

₹ 151.79

₹ 315


Mustard Sauce

  • Main Ingredients – Mustard (Black & Yellow), Sugar, Lemon Juice, Salt etc.
  • About Product – Made from thermally processed mustard blended in sugar solution to make a rich & thick consistency. A true french classic taste of sweet pungent & tangy flavour like no other. 
  • Original trans-fat-free recipe, 100% Vegetarian
  • This pungent & sweet sauce is made from natural ingredients which matured mustard and spices.
  • Perfect as a dipping sauce veg or non veg snacks and burger, hotdog etc.
  • This sauce can enhance the flavour of every dish, from veg  to non veg fast food snacks. It can be used as a spreads on burger, hamburger & hotdog.
  • Applications/Uses with – 20-25 gm (two table spoon) Mustard Sauce applies on any bread flat roties and uses as dip for French fries or non veg snacks. 
  • Shelf Life – 6 Months. After opening keep it in refrigerator. 
  • Similar Products – Honey Mustard Sauce etc.

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