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Paneer Momos Filling Masala

₹ 307.14

₹ 750


Paneer Momos Filling Masala (Corse Fine Powder - White)

  • Main Ingredients – Cheese Powder, SMP, Mixed Vegetable Powders, Sugar, Salt, Black pepper, Mixed Spices etc.
  • About Product – Paneer Momos Filling Masala is a unique combination of Cheese powder, Indian spices, dehydrated vegetable powders and MSG for include Chinese flavor. Makes Indian Momos or Dumplings very very silky & tasty.
  • Use it as filling masala with the combination of dry & finely chopped fresh vegetables and filled into momos or dumplings for authentic Chinese taste. No need to add salt or any spices.
  • Get perfect flavourful earthy taste
  • Very Cost Effective
  • Ideal for hotelier, cloud kitchen, caterers & momos/ dumplings makers.
  • Ensures consistent taste
  • Enhances the taste and flavor of any Chinese / Indian fast foods.
  • Applications/Uses with – Approx 2 gm Paneer Momos Filling Masala for 24-28 gm momo or dumpling.
  • Shelf Life – 9 Months. After opening keep it in air tight container.
  • Similar Products – Non Veg Momos Filling Masala, Veg Momos Filling Masala, Tandoori Marinade Powder, Malai Marinade Powder, All in One Mix Herbs Seasoning, All Purpose Master Aromate Seasoning, Momos Seasoning, Sizzling Magic Masala etc.


AM2PM – Paneer Momos Filling Masala : - Specially designed for “Momos / Dumplings


Dish Suggestions:

Momos, Dumplings, Rajhesthani Kachori, North Indian Puri, Veg patties, Samosa  etc..


Vegetables (Onion, carrots, cabbage)   -          14 gm

Maida Sheet                                       -           12 gm

Paneer Momos Filling Masala               -           2 gm


How To Use It:

  • First, cut & chop the vegetables & then squeezed/pressed it with manually or mechanically.
  • Then mix well the quantity of Paneer Momos Filling Masala with chopped with dried chopped vegetables.
  • Finally filled it to maida sheet, cover it up properly and shaped it to momos or dumplings as per your choice.

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