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Super Hot & Spicy Marinade Base (Powder)

₹ 358.93

₹ 885


Super Hot & Spicy Marinade Base (Powder)

  • Main Ingredients – Red Chilli Powder, Mixed Vegetable Powders, Smocked Paprika Powder, Sugar, Salt, Mixed Spices etc.
  • About Product – Super Hot & Spicy Marinade Base powder is  blend of red chilli powder and mixed spices that brings a Hot and Spicy twist to non veg snacks. MAKES NON FOOD TASTY!
  • Use it as marination blend with the combination of curd, milk cream, water and apply on the surface of chicken for BBQ/roasting purpose.
  • Get perfect reddish colour and smoky taste
  • Very Cost Effective
  • Ideal for hotelier, cloud kitchen, caterers & non veg fast food corners.
  • Ensures consistent taste
  • Enhances the taste and flavor of any non veg fast foods.
  • Applications/Uses with – Approx 10 gm Super Hot & Spicy Marinade powder for any foods per serving
  • Shelf Life – 9 Months. After opening keep it in air tight container.
  • Similar Products – Tandoori Marinade Powder, Malai Marinade Powder, All in One Mix Herbs Seasoning, All Purpose Master Aromate Seasoning, Momos Seasoning, Sizzling Magic Masala etc.

AM2PM - Super Hot & Spicy Marinade Powder: - Specially designed for “Fried Snacks”

Dish Suggestions:

Fried Chicken, Breaded Butterfly Prawns, Chicken Lollipop, Spicy Chicken Wings, Chicken Popcorn, Zinger Burger Patty, Crispy Fried Paneer, Fried Chicken Strips, Spicy Mushroom, Crispy Fried Potato Chips.

Yield : Makes approx 20 Kg Chicken from per 1 Kg Super Hot & Spicy Marinade Powder


            Chicken                                                         -           500 gm

            Water                                                            -           50 gm

            Super Hot & Spicy Marinade Powder       -           25 gm

How To Use It:

  • Marinade chicken pieces with a mixture of super hot & spicy marinade powder & water
  • Keep marinated chicken aside for min 3 hr
  • Coat it with our Breading Flour Mix & fry in a pre heated fryer at 180 degree Celsius until chicken is cooked or golden brown.

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